The Show

A western themed circus spectacular, combining the trademark physical talents, finely chiselled bodies and hilarious comic timing of the Head First Acrobats. Prepare yourself for when bare chested circus meets bare knuckle bar fights. A racy, heart stopping display of the finest acrobatics by the most ridiculous story tellers in the circus.

Leave your expectations at home and step over to the wrong side of the tracks, and let the boys of Head First steal your hearts and derail your night.

★★★★★Glam Adelaide
‘Keep the kids at home and spice up your night with a ballsy bevy of beefcake.’

★★★★Fest magazine
‘The sheer eroticism expressed by these boys is astounding.’

‘Railed is upbeat and wholly unironic, lampooning queer culture with silent one-liners spread across a quadrant formed by four men zinged high up in acrobatic manoeuvres.’ – SeeSaw Mag