Cal Harris

World class street performer turned contemporary circus artist, Cal is known all over for his formidable skill on the ladder, he is also an excellent all-around acrobat performing hand to hand, equilibrium (object balancing) and teeterboard. Cal is also a very charming MC and is the host of Circus’cision, Head First Acrobats late-night cabaret show.

Thomas Gorham

Thomas started his circus career with breakdancing. He turned from spinning upside down on the dancefloor to spinning in the air in the circus. Thomas is an excellent all-around acrobat who has performed in over 20 countries. He joins forces with Cal Harris to produce and manage Head First Acrobats, whilst taking a lead acrobatic role in shows. 

Harley Timmermans

Harley grew up on Phillip Island with an obsession for climbing trees and was notorious for being told to ‘get off the roof’. In an entirely unsurprising turn of events, acrobatics became Harley’s creative outlet. After thriving technically and artistically at the National Institute of Circus Arts he has fallen into line with Strut’n’Fret and Headfirst Acrobats. Along the way he has worked at various festivals like Melbourne’s Provocare, Adelaide Fringe and Sydney Comedy Festival.

Adam McMahon

With a background in theatre, Adam started his circus career performing in a street theatre duo. Honing his skills across Australia and the world, he studied at the National Institute of Circus Arts and graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Circus Arts and an award in excellence from Circus Oz. Adam has worked extensively with Strut & Fret, Head First Acrobats, This Side Up, Lunar Circus, La Fura dels Baus (Spain), Acrobatica and Gravity Dolls. He debuted his solo show ‘Drought’ directed by Hayden Spencer (Cirque Du Soleil) at Woodford Folk Festival.

Anthony Joseph Saltalamacchia (AJ)

AJ is an acrobat who trained for 8 years at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus. AJ has travelled with circus 1903 for 2 years performing teeterboard in a smash hit in Las Vegas, New York and Singapore to then performing in a sellout tour in USA. AJ continues to work part time as a coach at The Fruities. AJ’s skills include teeterboard bounce juggle, chair stacking and wall tramp.

Fun fact about AJ is he can do 64 back tucks in 15 minutes. Impressive!