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Cal Harris

World class street performer turned contemporary circus artist, Cal is known all over for his formidable skill on the ladder, he is also an excellent all-around acrobat performing hand to hand, equilibrium (object balancing) and teeterboard. Cal is also a very charming MC and is the host of Circus’cision, Head First Acrobats late-night cabaret show.

Thomas Gorham

Thomas started his circus career with breakdancing. He turned from spinning upside down on the dancefloor to spinning in the air in the circus. Thomas is an excellent all-around acrobat who has performed in over 20 countries. He joins forces with Cal Harris to produce and manage Head First Acrobats, whilst taking a lead acrobatic role in shows. 

Chelsea Angell

Growing up Chelsea always knew she wanted to be in the Circus, so much so that she would borrow ‘How To Be An Acrobat’ from the school library every week in grade 3. After finishing High School on the Sunshine Coast she attended NICA where she attained a Bachelor degree in Circus Arts. She has been performing around the world ever since and has been working with Head First Acrobats for 6 years.

Liam Dummer

Liam is a dynamic straps artist, acrobat and creative tumbler. With a background in diving, liam transitioned into the circus world at 18, and after only a year – made the move from Sydney to Melbourne to study at NICA. Since graduating in 2018, he has performed around Australia, Asia, Europe and the UK, with companies such as Circa, Bass Fam Creative and Cirque Bon Bon. Liam joined headfirst in 2021 for the creation of Godz, and has a passion for comedy and absurdity in contemporary Circus.

Jordan Twartz

Jordan discovered his passion for circus arts when he enrolled in classes at ‘Cirkidz’ youth circus in his hometown of Adelaide, South Australia. Here, he found a medium that allowed him to express his love of movement, play, and storytelling. Jordan has gained recognition for his exceptional skills as a diabolo artist and talented acrobat.