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Head First Acrobats have a range of corporate acts that can add flair and excitement to any event. Browse the acts below or talk to us about creating a custom act for your event. For bookings and enquires head to our contact page.

Roue Cyr

Roue Cyr is a fast-paced and dynamic act. Featuring a solo performer spinning in a large metal wheel this performance is sure to wow any audience. 

Technical requirements:

 5 x 5 meters clear stage floor, level (not raked) hard top (no carpet)

3.5 meters height clearance

Chair Handstands

Chair handstands are a circus classic! Watch as AJ adds more and more chairs to the stack and performs acrobatic stunts higher and higher off the ground. Sure to leave audience members on the edge of their seats.

Technical requirements:

3 x 3 meters of level stage floor

5 meters of height clearance

Zombie Trapeze

The perfect act for any halloween event! Tom embodies a spooky and hilarious zombie character as he balances on the trapeze. If space allows the act can also include B-Boy head-spinning elements. 

Technical Requirements:
 4 x 4 meters  stage space
Smooth level floor for head spins
5 meters of height clearance


easiest to install aerial acts. An engaging and elegant act that will allow performers to soar high above your audience.

Technical requirements:

2  x 2 meters stage space

6 meters height from stage top to rigging point

This act requires an aerial point rated for live loading and a rigging fee to cover aerial equipment installation by a qualified rigger will be included in the act fee

Walking Ladder

Walking ladder is great for events that want a wow factor act but don’t have the capabilities to install aerial rigging. Ladder performances are perfect for on stage feature shows.

Technical requirements:

5  x 5 meters stage space

6 meters of height clearance