The Show

A cirque sensation that has sold out seasons all around the world, Elixir is a vibrant crowd-pleaser, as shown by their innumerable five-star reviews and thousands of satisfied fans.

Set in a huge science laboratory, Elixir begins with three scientists ingesting various chemicals to discover the ultimate body-enhancing human elixir. Equal parts funny, sexy, charming and raucous, this show is a full serve of dynamic circus, on-point hilarity, and no-holds-barred steamy brinkmanship.

You’ll feel the heat, see the sweat and won’t believe your eyes.

★★★★★Theatre Bubble
‘A firecracker of a circus show.’

★★★★★ The Outlier, Edinburgh
‘Gravity-defying stunts, true tests of human strength and muscularity, and surprise after surprise that will definitely keep audiences entertained. However, this show is not for all ages. The performers are cheeky and sexy and not afraid to get up close and personal with audience members with their sweaty, slippery bodies, during and after the show.’

★★★★★The 7.30 Review
‘Extraordinary set pieces consisting of superhuman feats of strength come thick and fast. But, what separates Head First Acrobats from your conventional circus show is their sense of spot-on showmanship. With impeccable comic timing, and a series of slapstick sketches between each routine, Elixir feels like a circus-sketch-show mash-up.’

★★★★★British Theatre
‘The three performers not only use their highly fit bodies to carry out amazing routines, they also compete for attention from the audience, and display perfect comedy timing.’